How to Decrease Anxiety During the Home Buying Process

Anywhere from your first home to your dream home, it is without a doubt that buying a home is one of the largest investments an individual will make in their lifetime. With the anticipation and excitement that comes with home building and home buying, it is of no surprise that many home buyers are plagued with anxiety during this yearlong process.

Know What You Want

A great place to start is to have a general understanding of what you want in a home.

From the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to the practicality of a floor plan, analyze the best structure suited for you. Do you prefer a townhome or a single-family home…or is the price point the most important aspect for you? Is the square footage the only important factor in this decision making process? Beginning to answer these questions is the perfect place to start!

Along with the basic interiors of a home, understanding each home’s location is as important. What is the distance between your ideal home to the local shopping and main routes? How far would the commute be to your work and to your child’s school; do you like the school district? Does the neighborhood satisfy your daily needs? Communities include different amenities like sidewalks, fitness centers, hiking and biking trails, pools, clubhouses, and lakes. To you, what are the most important parts of a neighborhood?

Learn About the Process

Simultaneously you should be taking the steps to learn about the home buying and home building process because once you have created a relationship with your new home specialist, you will need to communicate effectively to have all your needs met, questions answered, and learn about factors that you didn’t previously know. Do research online to educate yourself!

Be Flexible

Apart from the anxiety that comes from placing a down payment on a home and designing your new home, your daily routine is probably extremely stressful as well. That being said, it is highly recommended to stay cool and flexible during this process. Why? Because building and buying a home is a huge undertaking for everyone so expect the unexpected. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t speak your mind! Speak up when you are confused about a concept or a decision someone made that you didn’t anticipate. Continue being curious and again, stay in constant communication with your new home specialist and remain flexible!

Affordability and Necessities

Finally, dreaming about your newly built home is important, but know that you absolutely cannot ignore the financial aspects during this time. Understand what you can and cannot afford in a home. What is a necessity to you in your newly constructed home? Patiently save funds so you can have a solid down payment. Once you choose a mortgage lender, truly get to know the individual you will be working with. Ask them questions about the process, especially if this is your first home purchase. Banks can prolong the period of lending you money if they think you are not financially stable. With that being said, a few things to know are that you should not make any huge purchases after signing a contract on a home. If you change jobs or get a divorce, do not hide this from your mortgage lender. Work thoroughly with them so there are no surprises during the yearlong process. Along with this, decide which mortgage is best for you. Most homebuyers decide between a Fixed and an Adjustable Rate mortgage.

After about a yearlong journey, you will finally and happily receive the keys to your home, but remember to remain flexible, as once you move in there are always improvements and adjustments to be made to a brand new house.

About Village Park Homes

Our new home communities are ideally located just minutes from the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head Island, the charm of Bluffton and the rich culture of downtown Savannah, Georgia. Our new home neighborhoods in Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort & Savannah offer quick access to all of the perks of coastal living. It is our privilege to offer top-quality construction and a diverse plan library, including townhomes, one, two and three story, single-family homes with both traditional and coastal inspired design. Whether you’re in search of your first home, your next home or your retirement home, we can build you the perfect home for every chapter of your life. Let us help you #findyourplace in the Lowcountry or Coastal Empire. 

You can view all our communities here on our website or visit us at one of our Hilton Head or Savannah area sales office locations.

Let Village Park Homes help you #FindYourPlace for the New Year! Visit and call 843-836-9700 for more information!

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